Justin Easter Eggs

When designing the environments for Justin Case and the Closet Monster: Hope it was important for me that each character's home uniquely reflect them.  As a result, I designed wallpapers and elaborate patterned floors in order to mirror each character’s personality. 

It was also important for me that the artwork that appears on my characters’ walls not only be a reflection of them but also be created by me.  I have experimented in many different artistic styles during my career, so I had fun pulling older pieces from my portfolio, and in some cases, creating newer pieces to adorn the walls of my characters. 

This page showcases those works that I took from my portfolio and “hung” on the walls inside my characters’ rooms. Think of them as “Easter eggs” reflecting what I have done creatsince graduating from OCAD in 1999. In that spirit, see if you can find these Easter eggs in the book!